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ochaye wrote
I got nothin' better to do...
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ForbiddenTruth wrote
I must of watched 25 videos on the Manchester incident, I will share with you the jew wise version, recorded... see more 3 days prior to the event, knowing the next event was inevitable.
This is my old friend Scott, listen to his viewpoint
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AmaterasuSolar wrote
Well, the "see more" links and the blog posts still are not working.
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Guess We're back up!
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Adam203020 wrote
I don't have a clue who "Georgina Callander" is, but she apparently lives a couple miles from where I... see more live, and supposedly attended a college minutes from my home. She's said to be one of the victims of the "Manchester Attack" and has many photos of herself online. Is she an actress or a completely made up character? Was she sacrificed? Please can anyone give me some kind of understanding of how the whole "victim" thing works in regards to these hoaxes?
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Bobby wrote
We don't allow lying, deceiving, ass-kissing jokers in this group. Sorry Jeff Young, you got to go.
... see more /> Putting my foot down. All these people: Jeff Young, Zach Hubbard and Company are some grade A shills. Jeff Young, a supposed flat earther, kicked me out of his chat room for dropping some truth on how Zach likes to take money from subscribers and not account for it.
I mention him being a flat earther because ZKH went on a campaign at A4T against any and all flat earthers yet there he is with Jeff Young getting along just fine. What does that tell you? Deception!! We don't aim to deceive here at CTC and anyone who's on here consistently and knows me knows that. You'll never find any donation requests here.
Ya'll need to know these people's true colors.
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Aries - March 21 - April 19
Arians see themselves as consummate leaders. While they are excellent at initiating and overseeing projects, don't rely on them to be down in the pits actually getting the work done. Arians are not afraid of being on the cutting edge of things. Energetic Arians love the opportunities and challenges each new day brings. Arians are blunt and outspoken--often to the point that more sensitive souls around them wi...
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