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"My random thoughts of today:

Always remember truthseekers that before you can expose and spread truth to the masses you must purge yourself first. You have to understand and reach the love frequency first, if not, you have fallen for another divide and conquer tactic. Spreading truth is good but loving your neighbors is better. Spoonfeed those that are willing to listen and cook some truth nuggets for all. Overwhelming people with these truths will entrap you to another divide and conquer tactic which will alienate you from your fellow man. This is the objective of the powers that be. They don't care if we expose them, they just want us to be divided at all cost. Find love, be genuine, show compassion, be patient, manifest peace in your community. These things will resonate with the unconscious masses. Be firm, confident, and relentless in the most peaceful fashion with those who are asleep. ;-)"

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