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Kryon Explains How Time And psychics Will Change as Humanity Evolves Into the Golden Age

In this Channeling Kryon provides valuable information about the shift in consciousness and support being given to us at this time. In order to bring in the golden age Kryon explains how the physics of time will change in cooperation with the crystalline grid to insure that Humanity doesn't repeat the mistakes of the past. Kryon also discusses the role Old Souls play in this change.

KRYON 2017 - Listen This And You Will Fly Without Wings

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity, Expresing positivity in a beautiful ways. For more info visit

Kryon Openly Explains How to Read The Signs Coming From Your Higher Self

This channeling is all about what will happen when you start to regain your intuitive abilities. Kryon also gives interesting information about Spirit Guide and Angels. SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Sunday - August 5, 2012 "NEW COMMUNICATIONS WITH SPIRIT

Math Unveils The Truth!

<h1>Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given by a Supreme Being! by Professor Haim Shore</h1>


I am centered. I am the Yin and the Yang. I am the past that was, I am the future that will be. I am Now, because I choose to be. All possibilities are seen and are simply options...... if we choose them.


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