<p>Things are getting more intense with every...

Things are getting more intense with every passing day. There are so many predictive programing about Trump assassination that i forget them. First Marilyn Mason beheads Trump in music video, Madonna threatens to blow up the white house, then 3 attempts to reach the white house in a week, then witches cast a spell on Trump every crescent moon, Snoop Dogg shoots Trump with fake gun in music video, "Lucifer" series hints about Trump's death, Kathy Griffin beheads Trump in photoshoot, Play of Julius Caesar - depicting Trump being violently stabbed multiple times, we have the gop shooter who shot republican gongress people that happen on 14th June which is Trump's birthday. I bet that was a coincidence! There are movies/series that depicts attempt or president assassination but can't remember them. But there is a movie called Geostorm (20 octomber) which again the story is about assassinating the president. So maybe they will kill him somewhere in the end of the year? BTW that play is still running. People can buy tickets and see it. Just see how the crowd react when those people tell the truth. Im speechless..
Here is the full video of Laura Loomer:

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