Soul Moments

 Soul moments. 

All the things that surround those letters are precious to my heart. Heart and Soul they say. My thoughts have been provoked since my husband went away for the week and the space that is usually filled with his presence has been opened up for deep thinking. I think deeply anyway. But I rarely think freely. That's a funny thought actually. And now I am analyzing what that even means. 


We are free to think and be. But also, we tend to max out our freedom. And therefore; we are not truly free to think. Our minds are so complex but our souls more so. Ever compared heart moments to soul moments? They are different. And they are equally beautiful. Yet so diverse in what they accomplish in our lives. Naturally the soul is more delicate. It's what our Creator longs for after all. Our souls SEEK Him on their own. And therefore, they also seek moments. 

I'd like to say there is a science to this concept. If you have a brain, which I'm betting you do, then you will grasp this. Our souls look for spiritual fulfillment. Anything outside of that desire, is held by the heart. Make sense? I think so. You will know when your soul is within understanding. Words aren't even needed in those moments. They are powerful and wordless. When you are immersed in them, you are not thinking. You are being. Accepting something within yourself that has been found. 

I've had these soul moments few times in my life. And I will forever remember each one with careful love. The impact of spiritual fulfillment is so  much more then we will ever be able to express in the flesh. And when we breathe them into others; it's infectious. It's fire. Desire. It's Light. It's LOVE. 


The heart may be the pin cushion of emotion according to the world but the soul is the fingers wrapped around it. 


Be love. Soul love. 

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