About Us



All4truth is an international network of people who are uncompromisingly committed to the struggle for humanities continuous thriving and emancipation, of which the liberation of the people and land is an indispensable part. The current state of the world betrays the histories of Human struggles for not only liberation, but traditions of participation in collective struggles for continuous liberation.


We stand against the exploitation and debasement of histories of Human persecution and genocide to justify the unjustifiable – the colonization of Humans, the theft of their land and destruction of their families, communities and their way of life.


A core tenet of the way All4truth organizes is joint struggle — recognizing the stakes of different communities and sectors, the general struggle against Human repression, militarism, and imperialism. Each movement is specific, but we share a commitment to principles of universal liberation, justice, and equity; never sacrificing any aspect of one community or movement’s struggle for freedom for the sake of advancing another’s. We recognize that our struggles are bound together, and that we must find ways of organizing together that strengthen all our movements.


Our work is funded largely through the contributions and volunteer labor of our members and through grassroots supporters.