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Kryon Openly Explains How to Read The Signs Coming From Your Higher Self

<p>Published on Jun 19, 2017</p> <p>This channeling is all about what will happen when you start to regain your intuitive abilities. Kryon also gives interesting information about Spirit Guide and Angels.<br /> <br /> SYRACUSE, NEW YORK<br /> Sunday - August 5, 2012<br /> "NEW COMMUNICATIONS WITH SPIRIT</p>

300th Anniversary of founding of the Grand Lodge of England

300th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of England.
The picture below showing 444 all over NYC is a message from Jay Z.
If we count from that date 444 hours we get 6/24 which the elite is celebrating 300 anniversary. Maybe something will happen?


"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."
- Marie Curie

Soul Moments

 Soul moments. 

All the things that surround those letters are precious to my heart. Heart and Soul they say. My thoughts have been provoked since my husband went away for the week and the space that is usually filled with his presence has been opened up for deep thinking. I think deeply anyway. But I rarely think freely. That's a funny thought actually. And now I am analyzing what that even means. 


Emotional Lenses

I have been subconsciously wrestling an emotional concept the past few weeks. Probably  my entire life actually. It's just now I can voice it properly. It's designated time to meet and impact the world; is now. We are all emotional creatures and we respond to almost everything with some type of emotional lens attached to our life camera. Sometimes that response isn't the lens itself but all of the light or dark around it. Have you ever watched a photographer?