I am centered. I am the Yin and the Yang. I am the past that was, I am the future that will be. I am Now, because I choose to be. All possibilities are seen and are simply options...... if we choose them.


Who are you?

Past, Present, Future


Today I want to share some thoughts I've been mulling over. The title pretty much gives them away; but I don't want basic thinking. We all know what the past, present and future means in general text book form. And we all have a past, present and future. 


Recently a friend shared a very insightful video on living in the Now. Even though the speaker was part of the Enlightenment Movement, I was able to look past that and relate his words to what the Bible says. There was heavy focus on accepting the past, present and future as the now. 


REKA 2016


James Reka journaling with supplies provided by Pilot Pen prior to starting his Art Republic mural. Photo used with the permission of George Georgallis and James Reka.

Kryon Openly Explains How to Read The Signs Coming From Your Higher Self

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