Emotional Lenses

I have been subconsciously wrestling an emotional concept the past few weeks. Probably  my entire life actually. It's just now I can voice it properly. It's designated time to meet and impact the world; is now. We are all emotional creatures and we respond to almost everything with some type of emotional lens attached to our life camera. Sometimes that response isn't the lens itself but all of the light or dark around it. Have you ever watched a photographer? Great care is taken to position the object in a way that catches it's moment in the best way possible. Her lens. The naked eye sees the picture one way, but the lens pulls it and all of it's elements to a specific focal points. Every fiber is contained in a 2 second lapse and solidified in a physical form - forever. 


The reason I bring this up is because this is how we often view different things we experience in life. Really everything. We can all be outside, in the same exact place, under the same sky, and every one of  us will see the world around us through the current lens attached to our life. Often - an emotional lens. If you are happy, that sky may be just a bit more blue. If you are sad, the clouds may just loom a little longer. If you are content, you may not care about the way anything looks because it's all so good. See what I mean? But you are all in the same place, experiencing the same scene ... but that emotional complexity sets our picture's apart. So many of us will deny that emotions ever even come into play but they really do - that's how we can all take the same thing and accept it differently. It's our season of life that directly impacts our life picture. 


Now to loop in the spiritual aspect. We've heard it stated many times to not let your emotions impact your actions. Because let's be real, emotions are tricky and subject to change on a whim. And I have personally found a lot of truth in this statement. Anytime I've reacted emotionally to a situation it's caused me more then I wanted to deal with from the get go. Specifically if I handle something emotionally sensitive. Crazy to think our emotions could be anything BUT sensitive. Anyway, ... if we are supposed to NOT react emotionally then what other lens options do we even have? I could break it down to grade level intelligence but it's simple. Emotional Response, Physical Response and Spiritual response. Now, all three of these are important and unfortunately there is no way around it. In fact, I feel that emotional and physical pretty much walk hand in hand. Spiritual though, it takes another level of professionalism to handle this lens. Let's focus a bit. 


What's great about this lens is that it's exact. The manual on how to use it is written and it covers ALL potential scenarios. Essentially we are given the material needed to be successful while also being able to create the scene freely. It allows us to look through the lens more relaxed. We can handle every background presented to us with grace because we've been so well informed on the function of not only the spiritual lens but the camera body itself! It's like the verse in 1st Corinthians that reminds us that there are many functioning parts to the body that make it run as a whole. This is exactly my point. If we were to handle the blurry images of grace through the spiritual lens we've all been given - how much more defined would the picture be? How much easier would it be to function as ONE body? How many unresolved issues would be resolved? If we just took a moment to step back, consider the exposure ... how much more likely would we be to drop that emotional lens and permanently attach a spiritual lens?


For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12

Be Love!


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